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Why do people love it here?

See what our residents have to say about their lives since making the decision to move to The Terraces.

Bev Smith Bev Smith
"When we first visited The Terraces, we were amazed at the beauty of the community and the friendly atmosphere."
Charles Wadham Charles Wadham
"If you’re at a point when maintaining your home becomes a chore, that’s a good time to consider moving to The Terraces."
Rosemary Cotton Rosemary Cotton
"The ideal time to move is before you need to. I was able to take the time to downsize without too much stress, and didn’t have to burden my family with any of it."
Harvey Zimmerman Harvey Zimmerman
“My wife and I keep very busy here. We’re in the band and serve on multiple resident councils."
Nick Garcia Nick Garcia
"Since moving to The Terraces, I’ve joined The Fun Band, started eating healthier and started using the gym."
Norma Olsen Norma Olsen
Resident Norma Olsen wrote a poem about her experience at The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens.