Wellness is a way of life.

Here at The Terraces, our entire culture — from the cuisine we serve, to the options we offer for fitness and exercise, to the stimulating events, programming and travel we make available — everything is focused on wellness. As part of this commitment, we employ the principles and practices of Masterpiece Living®, a landmark initiative developed in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, based on findings from a 10-year, MacArthur Foundation study that prove lifestyle is more important than genetics when it comes to aging well. It’s a rewarding, potentially life-changing approach to staying healthy that helps strengthen the social, spiritual, physical and intellectual aspects of your life.

According to Dr. Roger Landry, a pioneer in the field of successful aging, “Loneliness and isolation are two things you’ll never have to worry about at The Terraces, where you’ll be surrounded by social connections — the best predictor of happiness.”

We also champion the use of a brain fitness curriculum — a series of computer-based programs designed to improve brain function, regardless of age.

Watch Dr. Roger Landry as he discusses Masterpiece Living and the benefits of this lifestyle.

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